The Amp Shock Sock

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Color: Black
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The Amp Shock has a low profile easily replaces your jazz shoes but provides support and shows off the feet better. The AMP is Apolla’s answer to a no-show sock. The AMP has traction on the ball AND heel of the foot to mimic that of a jazz shoe. It is great for dancers that may still rock back into their heels and don’t quite have the weight over the balls of their feet. From cheerleaders to tappers, runners to Barre class, or hip hop to everyday wear…if you are an athlete wearing a shoe, this is your Shock! AMP is short for Apolla’s Multi-Purpose Shock.

Sizing Guide:

Try with the E-6000 Spray to refresh traction!

    Rating of 1 means Small.
    Middle rating means True to size.
    Rating of 5 means Large.
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