Classic Deep Vamp Pointe Shoe SBTDV

Freed SBTDV Pointe Shoes are hand lased by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers in the UK. They are constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components with regular strength insoles. They are naturally angled with straight cut sides. 

All pointe shoes are recommended to be fit by one of our professional fitters before purchase.

Ribbons and Elastic are sold separate. Checkout the wide variety of Styles here.

 Makers Available:
3/1X - Neptune
3.5/1X- Heart
5/1X - Y
5.5/1X - B
6/1X - N
7/1X - Y
3/2X - Bell
3.5/2X - Club
4/2X - B
4.5/2X - Butterfly
5.5/2X - Y
7/2X - Wineglass
3/3X - Y
5/3X - Z
6.5/3X - B
7/3X - Fish

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