"Help, my pointe Shoes are giving me blisters!"


Q: Hi Mark, I just got a new pair of pointe shoes that I ordered online. They are really hurting my feet. I have never had blisters before but these new shoes are giving me blister on the sides of my toes. Please help!

Thanks, Maddy


Hi Maddy,

Unfortunately, it sounds as if the shoes are either to narrow or to tapered for your feet. If it is not an issue of a pad sliding on you causing the exposed skin to blister you will need to try something to cover the affected area like blister dots.The body will tell you when something is not working. I would suggest you go somewhere and be properly fit. It is worth it in the long run. Unfortunately you can not make a bad fit feel good.



"My shoes are too small, can I stretch them out?"

Q: Hi Mark! My pointe shoes are getting to small. I am only a couple month away from recital, and don’t want to buy pointe shoes if I don’t have too. Is it possible to stretch out my pointe shoes so they will fit my feet?

Thanks, Tricia


A: Hi Tricia,

Not effectively. You have put so much time and energy into getting ready for the recital that I would like you to look and feel your best. The shorter shoes will curl your toes causing pain and poor alignment. Neither will look good on stage. If the shoes are not dead try loosening the draw strings. If that does not work get new ones with plenty of time to break them in. Your recital video will look better.



May 07, 2018 — Mark's Dancewear