Q: How much are Pointe Shoes?

A: It depends, pointe shoes vary in brand and style and thus are different prices. They will range between $90-$120. This is just the price range for the shoes. For your first pair you may need spacers and will need some padding. We tell customers to prepare for between $120-$150 for the total cost of your first visit.


Q: How long will the fitting take?

A: This all depends on the dancer. We schedule our fittings in 30min time slots. For beginners this is all new so we take plenty of time to explain the process. Some dancers find what they need faster and others need a little more time to choose. We never want a dancer to feel pressured in picking a shoe, so we will take the time they need. Most beginners don’t take longer than 30min.


Q: Do we need to make an appointment?

A: Yes, Please contact us to make an appointment to ensure a fitter is available and to cut down on wait times.


Q: Will we get the shoes that same day?

A: Yes! We do our best to have sizes and styles in stock. There are always exceptions and sometimes during busy times we do sell out of sizes. If we are out of your size we will order it in for you if it is not already on order.


Q: What should I bring to my first fitting?

A: Check out our post “What to know for your first fitting”. Once the teacher gives you the go ahead we ask that you bring a camera and a smile. Make sure to have your toenails trimmed.


Q: Do the shoes come right and left?

A: No. They are both made on the same last so they can start out on either foot. We will mark them that right and left because they will mold to the foot as the body warms up the glue.




Q: What determines what shoe you get?

A:Your alignment, strength, sensitivity, and flexibility are all factors. We will match the shoe with what you need.




Q: What age do you start on pointe?

A: We like to start between the ages of 10 and 12. This is after taking a pre-pointe class and getting the teachers approval to start.


Q: Do people stay in the same pointe shoes?

A: Generally no. The first year of class is full of a lot of releves. You will be fit in a pair of shoes meant to do a releves. As the dancer progresses and is away from the bar it is normal to want a stronger more supportive shoe. The goal is to match the shoe with the level of the dancer.


Q: How do you suggest to break in new shoes?

A: Not with your hands. The first pair the teacher will show you how to put them on, tie them, and how to properly break them in. After the pointe shoes are sewn we recommend that the shoes be worn at home. Take time and warm up the glue by doing releves. This will break the shoes in to your arch.



May 07, 2018 — Mark's Dancewear