So, you just got your first pair of pointe shoes and you want to know how to sew them! Proper sewing of the ribbon and elastic can have an impact on how your shoes feel while they are on. Ribbon and elastic can help keep stubborn heels from falling off and keep satin sides pulled snug on the foot.

These steps and techniques have been gathered from professional dancers and teachers. Please note that not everyone will sew their shoes the same, but we have found these to be the best way to sew.

These steps are based off of marking marked during a Mark's Dancewear Pointe Shoe Fitting. If you want to learn how to mark your shoes yourself see our post "Marking your Pointe Shoes". 

Step One:

Take a long piece of ribbon and cut into two pieces (or four if you want more length to your ribbon). Singe the edges with a lighter to prevent any fraying. You don’t want to get to class and only have an inch of ribbon left because you forgot to singe the ends and the ribbon unraveled.

Step Two:

Place ribbon evenly in between the two lines. Make sure the matte sides are facing up and the shiny sides are facing the audience. Sew a one-inch box below the pointe shoe drawstring seam. (if you sew the draw string it won’t be able to pull tight).

Step Three:

Get one piece of elastic and cut it in two. Place one end in the outline on the heel. Sew a one-inch box below the seam of the drawstring.

Step Four:

Place your foot in the shoe. While flat on the floor, pull the non-sewn side of the elastic across the foot until it is tight enough. You should only be able to get about one finger underneath the elastic. Mark the elastic where it contacts the shoe, cut an inch below the mark and place it in the outline. Sew an inch box below the seam.

Step Five:

Step back and appreciate all your hard work :)

It might seem like sewing your point shoes is an impossible task, but with a little practice you will become a pro in no time. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Click here for a printout of our tried and true pointe shoe sewing instructions.

May 07, 2018 — Mark's Dancewear