For many dancers, your pointe shoes are the most expensive items in your dance bag. It is important you know how to take care of your pointe shoes to make them last the longest.

Make sure you're allowing air to get to your pointe shoes! Pointe shoes are made of glue and fabric, like paper mache, if they stay damp from your sweaty feet they will not last as long. If you don’t have one already, make sure you have a mesh bag for your pointe shoes, see some options here.

Q: I have seen professional breaking in their pointe shoe YouTube... do I need to do that?

A: No! Everyone has a different method for breaking in their pointe shoes. Many professional dancers only wear their shoes for one performance. If you want your shoes to last you longer than one practice, don’t cut your shoes, put water on them, or do other things to “soften” shoes. If you are have issues with your shoes please contact us.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! Slam your pointe shoes in doors, smash them on the floor, or pour water on them. This will damage the integrity of the shoe. If you are having to do this to your shoes they may not have been fit properly. Doing these things to your shoes will shorten their life span and certainly have you back in the store buying new.

Break them in by wearing them and warming up the glue by doing releves at home so the shoe will mold to your arch and not your hand.


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