Before you can start sewing your pointe shoes you have to mark where the ribbons and elastic will be placed. If you were fitted at Mark’s Dancewear the fitter should have marked your shoes for you. This is a guide of tips and technique that we have gathered from professional dancers.

The ribbon should aid you in your performance, not hinder. In order to have the most comfortable placement of your ribbon, place your foot in your pointe shoe and slide the ribbon in the shoe under the highest part of the arch. Once you find the center of your arch mark each side of the ribbon.

To mark the elastic, find the center seam of the back of the pointe shoe. Measure about an inch from that point on both sides and draw an “L”  on an angle pointing towards the front of the shoe. Sew a 1" square again just below the drawstring. Once one side is sewn put your foot in the shoe and stretch the elastic over the ankle until snug. Mark the length and sew the other side. You should only be able to slip one finger under the elastic when done.

This is a quick guide to marking your pointe shoes. If you would like to know how to sew your pointe shoes click over to our post “BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SEWING POINTE SHOES”.

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